Laser Hair Removal

What is a lightSheer Duet?

Laser lightSheer Duet is a breakthrough innovation in the field of hair removal. this state-of-art laser technology offers a better cosmetic solution for removing unwanted hair in different body areas by efficiently targeting hair follicles. Diode laser lightSheer Duet is the top-level device for unwanted body hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal-effects

Not all hair grew simultaneously. A part of it is always in the active stage of growth (Anaheim phase) -its hair that can be seen on the skin surface .only the hair being in the growth phase may be destroyed by the laser light. The remaining hair remains dormant(telogen phase) anywhere from 3_8 weeks. The the telogen phase is followed by the growth phase (Anagen), when the hair may be again actively destroyed by the laser, therefore, the sessions of the laser hair removal need to be repeated (6-8 times) to eliminate hair growth.

What are the recommendation after treatment?

The most important recommendation is not to tan your skin (for at least 4 weeks after the treatment) as there is a risk of skin discoloration. Additionally, for a few days following the treatment, you should not use any alcohol-based skincare products and attend swimming pools, considering possible skin
irritation caused by chlorinated water.


What is Microblading?

Microblading involves using a precise, blade-like instrument to make tiny incisions while depositing pigment into the skin. Microblading results can last 12_18 months. The Microblading process requires two treatments: the initial treatment and 4_6 weeks touchup treatment that will ensure the pigment will last. After that, you will need a yearly touchup. Expect to be at your appointment for 2 hours on both visits.

Who is not a candidate for Microblading?

Microblading Initial Visit

Consultation – Free

Come in for a 20-minute consultation to discuss the look that is right for you. 

Hairstroke Brows – $300
Define the eye with custom hair stroke eyebrows

Powder Brows – $300
More of a makeup look that heals soft and powdery

Blended Brows – $400
The perfect combo of hair strokes and shading
Permanent Brow 6 Week

Touch Up – $75
A touch-up 6 weeks after your Hairstroke or Powder Brow appointment if you would like to make adjustments.

Annual Touch Up (Past Clients Only) – $350
Get those brows back in business with your annual

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